About Us

Our Mission at Wood ‘n Spoon is to provide people with the experience of eating healthy, fresh and nurturing food. We live in an era where so many people are geared towards “taking care of their body” and staying healthy. We are proud to be part of the pillar, which enables others to fulfill their mission and maintain a healthier life style.

At Wood ‘n Spoon, we are glad to serve deli meat, which is Gluten Free & MSG FREE — as well as our salad dressings. All of our sandwiches & Wraps are made fresh daily. Our Salad Station is custom made for your taste of lettuce with the variety of over 20 items to add on to your salad for an affordable price. Gluten free bagels/bread/wraps and sweets are available to costumers who require to maintain a Gluten Free diet.

For Ice cream lovers, we are very excited to have the “The ice cream club” available for you here at Wood ‘n Spoon.